About Law Awareness Weeks @CDC 2019

The Law Awareness Weeks (LAWs) @CDC is a collaboration between Law Society Pro Bono Services and the five Community Development Councils (CDCs), supported by the People's Association, National University of Singapore Faculty of Law, Singapore Management University School of Law and Singapore University of Social Sciences.


LAWs @CDC is a nationwide effort to promote awareness and understanding of the law in the community through a series of talks, so that Singaporeans may know their rights and be empowered when faced with common legal issues.  


LAWs @CDC 2019 will be launched on 4 September, 6pm, at Keat Hong Community Club. 


Thereafter, decentralised legal talks will be held nationwide across the five districts.


This year, LAWs @CDC will cover a range of topics that affect the day-to-day lives of Singaporeans, including Syariah Law, Community and Neighbour Disputes, Consumer Protection, Employment Matters, Advance Legal Care Planning, Family Law, Protection from Harassment as well as Personal Debt


LSPBS' volunteer lawyers will give a presentation on the respective topics, followed by question-and-answer sessions where the audience will have the opportunity to clarify any doubts they may have on the law. Catered to audiences with no legal background, the legal talks aim to simplify legal jargon and explain the law as it applies to the man on the street.


Come join us to learn about your rights and how to handle basic legal issues.


Helping you Help others. 



Family Law

Divorce and You


Thinking about separating from your spouse?


Faced with a divorce and unsure of what to do and where to turn to for help? 

Concerned about your financial situation and how your children will be affected?

Learn about mediation, divorce proceedings, maintenance, custody, care and control of children, division of matrimonial assets and other issues that matter.

Syariah Law

Syariah Law on Family and Inheritance

Grappling with the divorce process as a Litigant-in-Person


Worried about the children, and your financial situation?


Having difficulties understanding the Law on Muslim Inheritance?

Learn about divorce proceedings in the Syariah Courts and other available options for resolving such issues. 


Find out about nafkah iddah, mutaah and more.  Be informed about how the Muslim Inheritance Law affects you.

Employment Matters

Know Your Rights as an Employee and Freelancer 

What should you look out for in your employment contract? 


How is a freelance contract different from an employment contract?


How can you better protect your rights either way?


Find out more about key contract terms like payment and termination, or compensation for overtime, or how to deal with a workplace injury.


Learn about how the Employment Act protects your basic rights, and where to seek recourse/help if you have been unfairly treated at the workplace. 

Community and Neighbour Disputes

Neighbours or Foes?

Does your neighbour play unbearably loud music late into the night causing annoyance and sleepless nights for you and your family?


Or one who monitors your family’s movements via CCTV? Not sure what you can do or where to get help? 


Come and learn about the various ways to resolve neighbour disputes / seek recourse.

Protection from Harassment

Protect Yourself from Harassment


Feeling harassed or being stalked can cause serious distress.


Unfortunately, harassment and creepy stalkers exist, both in real life as well as online.

Being bullied online on social media or receiving persistent threats in one’s email account are not uncommon.

Learn what amounts to defamation and harassment and how the law protects you and your loved ones.   

Consumer Protection

Say "No" to Unfair Deals


Have you ever bought a product that was defective, but the seller refused to give you a refund or replacement?

Were your elderly parents pressured into buying something ridiculously expensive that they have completely no use for?


Your spouse signed up for a beauty package or gym membership, but the service provider went bust? Or the tour operator you bought a package from closed down?


Learn about your rights as a consumer, as well as the options available against errant traders or dealers (such as reporting to CASE or filing a claim at the Small Claims Tribunal)

Personal Debt

Dealing with financial difficulty

Borrowed money from moneylenders and financial institutions but unable to make timely repayment?


Worried that your creditors may go after your loved ones?


Not sure what it means to be a bankrupt?


Find out the limits to what debt collectors in Singapore can legally do, the consequences of becoming a bankrupt and learn how to manage your debts to avoid bankruptcy.

Advance Legal Care Planning

Embracing Our Golden Years


Death is a difficult topic to discuss with the family but avoiding such issues can lead to uncertainty and even cause distress for loved ones during a time of grief and loss.

By making one’s final wishes known in advance and putting one’s affairs in order gives everyone peace of mind.


What is a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and how can it give you greater control over your life?

Learn how you and your family can plan for your future through the LPA and various legal instruments such as the Advanced Medical Directive and Wills.



Click on the photos to view a brief profile of the speakers.  

Berlin Soh
Berlin is an Associate in Fortis Law Corporation’s Private Client Practice Group.

She has represented clients across a range of family law issues including disputes and divorces matters.
She believes in collaborative dispute resolution, especially when children are involved.

Apart from family-related disputes, Berlin advises on matters relating to estate planning and incapacity issues such as drafting of wills, Grant of Probate and Letters of Administration, execution of LPA and deputyship.
Bernard Chung
Bernard is a private wealth and inheritance lawyer. He focuses on helping families to stay strong and grow.

He specialises in estate and advance care planning for parents of young children, special needs families, stepfamilies, entrepreneurs, elderly persons, LGBT couples and pet owners.

He also practises in corporate and technology law, he particularly enjoys advising individuals and families on inheritance matters. Bernard believes in leaving behind strong family values.
Cory Wong
Cory is the Senior Associate to prominent criminal lawyer Josephus Tan at Invictus Law Corporation.

Cory specialises in criminal law. Cory is also familiar with cases involving community law.

He was previously a police officer and had spent much time interacting with the community. As a lawyer, he continues to devote countless hours to spreading legal awareness.

Cory graduated from the University of Warwick (UK). He is fluent in English and Mandarin.
Dharma Jayaram
Dharma has worked extensively in the public and private sectors over the last two decades holding various positions of responsibilities.

She works in various fields of law like corporate, commercial, civil, criminal and family litigation. She gives talks and training sessions to government bodies and family service centres.

Dharma currently runs Dharma Law LLC with other lawyers and has practice areas in estate matters, criminal, family, conveyancing and general litigation matters.
Elaine Ho
Elaine Ho is a transactions lawyer qualified in 3 jurisdictions (England and Wales, New York and Singapore) with substantial experience in banking and finance, funds, mergers and acquisitions as well as regulatory matters.

Elaine is also an active contributor to the community, serving as chairperson of the Ageing Gracefully at Home project and in various capacities in other community organisations. She sits on the Law Society’s Law Awareness Committee.
Gerald Wiyatno
Hany Soh
Hany is a Director at MSC Law Corporation, her practice received Law Society Volunteer of the Year (Small Sized Firm) Award in 2017 & 2018. She practices a broad range of areas including civil & commercial litigation, Criminal Law, Family Law and Probate matters.

Hany sits on various committees, she serves as LSPBS’ Co-Chair in the Community Legal Clinics’ Committee. As an active grassroots leader in Bukit Panjang SMC, she administers legal clinic providing pro bono legal advice to residents.
June Lim
June is the Managing Director of Eden Law Corporation, a low bono private law firm committed to providing competent and affordable legal representation to clients of modest means and underprivileged communities throughout Singapore.

She has a keen interest in matrimonial matters involving child abductions/relocations and foreign wives living in and outside of Singapore.

June volunteers with LSPBS, Criminal Legal Aid Scheme, Legal Aid Bureau, Community Justice Centre and HOME.
Lee Chia Ming
Lee Chia Ming is a senior associate in Dentons Rodyk's Litigation and Arbitration practice groups.

She acts for commercial clients and individual clients in a wide range of matters, and her practice includes a strong focus on high-value and cross-border commercial disputes.

Chia Ming graduated from Singapore Management University in Bachelor of Laws (Summa Cum Laude) and Bachelor of Business Management (Summa Cum Laude). She has worked both in Singapore and in London.
Low Seow Ling
Seow Ling is an Associate Director with Eden Law Corporation. She believes that legal representation should be within every individual's reach and plays a part in achieving this lofty goal by offering equitable, affordable and sustainable access to her legal services.

Seow Ling is interested in Estate Planning. She enjoys formulating sustainable estate planning solutions for families with elderly and people with intellectual disabilities. She volunteers with the SNTC and MSF.
Luo Ling Ling
Ling Ling is a Partner of RHTLaw Taylor Wessing.

She takes on cases in family and matrimonial law, criminal law in addition to commercial cases requiring litigation in court. Ling Ling has served in the Office of the Public Guardian, MSF as a Policy Advisor and later became Assistant Director, Legal.

Besides civil & commercial cases, she also enjoys working on complex criminal matters, with a focus on white collar crimes and capital offences.
Melissa Wong
Melissa is a Senior Associate in Fortis Law Corporation’s Private Client Practice Group.
Her main areas of practice are family, civil and commercial matters.

During her legal career, she has represented clients in divorce and ancillary disputes, commercial arbitrations and contractual disputes.

Melissa has also advised clients on matters such as the drafting of wills including estate planning, probate and mental incapacity issues including LPA and deputyship applications.
Mohammad Rizuan Bin Mohammad Yasin
Rizuan graduated from the University of Manchester in 2014 and was called to the bar as an Advocate and Solicitor in 2016.

Rizuan’s wide area of practice, he has been involved in a gamut of Civil matters in the highcourt. He also assisted in Criminal (Capital) matters such as Drug Trafficking offences. He practices Divorce Law (General) and Syariah Law (Muslims) including Muslim Estate Planning (Wasiat and Hibah).

Rizuan keeps himself regularly updated on the state of the law in Singapore.
Ng Bin Hong
Bin Hong is currently a Senior Associate with Peter Low & Choo LLC, a boutique law practice specializing in litigation and dispute resolution.

He is passionate about law and issues relating to the elderly and the mentally capacitated, he works closely with organisations such as MSF, Agency of Integrated Care, Office of Public Guardian, as well as various nursing homes and family service centres in Singapore where he provides legal advice and other related services.
Nur Amalina B Kamal
Amalina is a Senior Associate with Eden Law Corporation.

Her practice is firmly rooted in community law, spanning matrimonial disputes, family violence, adoption, estate planning and deputyship applications.

In her practice, she advocates for collaborative dispute resolution as a means for parties to formulate their own legal solutions, tailor-made to their unique post-divorce circumstances.

Amalina is also her firm’s Syariah specialist, advising on Syariah matrimonial matters.
Patrick Tan
Patrick Tan is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fortis Law Corporation. His areas of practice include commercial litigation and arbitration, wealth management, and private client matters.

He currently serves as a Volunteer Mediator for Small Claims Tribunal, State Courts of Singapore, as well as State Courts-SMC panel of mediators for the Volunteer Mediator Programme.

Patrick speaks fluent English, Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese. He enjoys golfing, fishing, running
Rajan Chettiar
Rajan set up a boutique family law firm, Rajan Chettiar LLC, which specialises in all aspects of family and personal laws.

He is also an Associate Mediator with the Singapore Mediation Centre and volunteers as a mediation at the State Courts Centre for Dispute Resolution and Family Justice Courts Family Dispute Resolution Centre and the Community Mediation Centre.

He is a collaborative lawyer, child representative, parent coordinator and a private mediator.
Rashidah Kader Saheer
Rashidah is an Advocate and Solicitors of the Supreme Court of Singapore. She was also called to the English Bar in 1995 and is a Barrister-at-Law of England and Wales.

Rashidah has handled various matters and appeals in the Singapore High Court, State Courts and Syariah Court. She spends a substantial portion of her time on pro bono work as she believes in making justice affordable for everyone.
Rajwin Sandhu
Rajwin graduated from the University of Southampton, England. He is a member of the Singapore Academy of Law and the Law Society of Singapore. He is essentially a community lawyer with a heart for the ‘people on the street’.
He has accumulated a range of experience in both contentious and well as non-contentious work. He has represented clients in the High Court, State Court, and the Family Court – his litigation experience covers general commercial, criminal, and family litigation.
Richard Siaw
Richard is the founder and current Managing Director of R. S. Solomon LLC, a full-service law practice in Singapore.

Richard is a general litigator focusing on commercial, criminal and family matters. Effectively bilingual in English and Chinese, Richard is one of the People's Republic of China Embassy's 5 panel lawyers in Singapore.

He frequently volunteers as a speaker for LSPBS and speaks to the public on a wide range of legal topics.
Sarah-Mae Thomas
Sarah-Mae is Managing Director of Sarah-Mae Thomas LLC and is an Australia and Singapore qualified lawyer. She graduated from Monash University with an LLB (Hons)/BA degree in 2012.

She advises and acts for clients in matrimonial proceedings including contentious and non-contentious divorce proceedings. This includes disputes on custody of and access to children, maintenance for wives & children and family violence.
Siraj Aziz
Siraj Shaik Aziz is a CLAS (Criminal Legal Aid Scheme) Fellow.

He works full-time in the Law Society Pro Bono Services Office acting exclusively for CLAS applicants who have qualified for legal aid at both the State Courts and Supreme Court.

Siraj handles a wide range of cases involving offences under the Penal Code and other statutes. He has also been actively involved in the consultation process for proposed legislative changes to the criminal justice framework.
Steven Lam
Steven Lam is an advocate and solicitor specializing in insurance/ reinsurance/ O&G / International shipping & trade / cross border M&A and JV / community law and he is a chartered arbitrator and certified mediator and adjudicator.

Currently He is also a Fellow of London’s Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and Singapore Institute of Arbitrators, and an Associate of the Singapore Institute of Taxation, and a Member of the Singapore Institute of Directors.
Tan Jin Song
Jin Song is a Director of Populus Law Corporation. He believes in developing a strong, personal relationship with his clients so that he can put their best case forward.

Jin Song's practice spans a wide range of areas, from civil litigation and international arbitration. He is keenly interested in offences committed by children and young persons.

Jin Song volunteers his legal services at AWARE, providing legal advice to victims of serious sexual crimes at their legal clinics.
Tan Shen Kiat
Shen Kiat has often been described as a combination of a lawyer and social worker by those that he worked with. He believes sleep is often underrated, and he needs at least 8 hours to behave humanely for the day.

He is a delighted co-founder of KITH+KIN LLC - a dedicated estate planning and inheritance law firm with the mission to improve lives, one family at a time.
Wang Liansheng
Wang Liansheng is a Partner at BIH LI & LEE LLP. He is a lawyer and playwright. His area of legal practice involves mainly commercial and matrimonial litigation.

Liansheng is a member of the Law Society of Singapore and the Singapore Academy of Law. He is currently a member of the Family Law Practice Committee as well as the Law Awareness Committee of LSPBS.

As a playwright, Liansheng has presented commissioned works with the Singapore Arts Festival, NUS Arts Festival, ITE and the Esplanade.
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